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Oliver’s Taranga Vineyard (2006)

After several years in the Willunga Basin Water Company reclaimed water scheme, fifth generation viticulturalist Don Oliver says using the reclaimed water has enabled his Oliver’s Taranga Vineyard to expand.

“We have 100 hectares of vines,” Don says.  “Without access to the water scheme, we wouldn’t have been able to achieve that level of planting.  And we remain unaffected by the water restrictions placed on other grape growers.

“We have a bore and we still use groundwater on about half our place, but the other half is irrigated using reclaimed water.

“I believe the use of reclaimed water should be encouraged even further and even subsidised, because it is a double whammy – doing good for the Gulf and using a resource that is going to waste otherwise.

“We’ve paid for an allocation and we’ve never used it all, but we’re getting close to it this year.  It’s the driest season we’ve had.  I always thought I bought too much water before but I’m pleased I did this year.

“(The reclaimed water scheme) is a great system and it’s going to make McLaren Vale one of the few winegrowing regions that will have a good crop this year.”

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